Borrowing Limits

We allow up to a maximum of 45 items to be borrowed on your library card. Four (4) of those items may be audiobooks and five (5) items may be DVDs.

New card holders may check out a maximum of five (5) items, two (2) of those items may be audiobooks or DVDs, on their first check-out. The number of items borrowed will be increased after the items from your first check-out are returned.

Checkout Periods

Most items in our collection can be borrowed for two (2) weeks with the option to renew twice, with some exceptions. All items are ineligible for renewal if another patron has placed the item on Hold.

Automatic Renewals

All items, with the exception of Hotspots, will renew twice automatically, as long as no other patron has reserved that item. You can renew items early or check the renewal status online, by phone, or in person. Please call us for assistance if you are unsure  about the status of an item you have on your account.

Books & Audiobooks

These items have a two (2) week borrowing time.


Magazines have a two (2) week borrowing time. The most current issue of a magazine title cannot be borrowed.


Borrowing time for our hotspots can be any number of days up to 14 days with no option to renew. Hotspots are rented by prepaying $2.00 per day for your chosen checkout period.


DVDs have a (1) week borrowing time.

Returning Items

Both of our library locations have drive-up book and media drops located on the side of the Jonesborough Library and in front of the Gray Branch Library. You can return items using these drops 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please note that the Book Drop is for print materials and the AV Drop is for DVDs and audiobooks. This helps to protect our materials from damage. You may incur a fine if your materials are in the incorrect drop.

If you are returning items inside, please place them in the return slot at the Jonesborough Library and place your items on the designated counter space at the Circulation Desk at the Gray Branch Library.

Fines and Fees for Library Materials


The Jonesborough and Gray Branch Libraries have gone fine free! No fines will be charged for returned overdue materials.

If you have questions about why we have gone fine free, you can find more information by clicking here.


Hotspots can be rented by prepaying $2.00 per day for your chosen checkout period up to 14 days. A $2.00 fee will be charged to your account for each day that the hotspot is kept over that time period up to a maximum of $50.00. Hotspots will be disabled remotely if they are considered Lost.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Items that are lost will incur a fine that equals the cost of the item plus a processing fee. The standard processing fee is $5.00. Damaged items will incur the same fine if the item is not able to be repaired. If a the item can be repaired, a damged fee will be charged based on the cost of the repair. 

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