Get a New Library Card

Anyone living at a permanent address in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee can sign up for a library card with us for free. You can also sign up if you’re enrolled at a local college or employed in Washington County.

To get your library card, you must fill out an application and establish your proof of residency by bringing a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, to either of our library locations. If the address printed on the ID is not current, please bring proof of your current address. The item of proof must include your name in addition to the address in order to be verified. If you have questions about what is considered acceptable proof of address, please call the Jonesborough Library (423) 753-1800 or the Gray Branch Library (423) 477-1550.

You must have a library card to borrow materials, so bring it with you every time you visit or have your barcode number ready when you call.

Renew an Existing Card

Every year, your card must be renewed. This just helps us to make sure your information is up-to-date! You may receive a message saying “your privilege has expired”, but don’t worry! It is very easy to renew your account. Just call either of our library locations, and we will renew your card.

Replacing a Lost Card

Can’t find your card? Bring in your photo ID, and you can get a replacement card for $2.00.