You can now find the ServeSafe Food Manager Course through TEL on Peterson’s Test and Career Prep. Sign up for a free account and start preparing today at 🍴

The ServSafe Food Manager Exam covers a variety of food safety topics, ranging from protection against foodborne pathogens to incorporation of integrated safety systems in your operation. You will be tested on very specific concepts, such as proper internal cooking temperatures, delivery procedures, shelving order, and many others. The exam’s purpose is to make sure that you are fully prepared for your responsibilities, and this requires that you understand every facet of your operation.

Using a mixture of text-based instruction, a video lesson, and interactive exercises, this course offers comprehensive coverage of everything you need to learn for the exam. As you work through each lesson, make sure to complete the interactive exercises along the way. The course also contains an 80-question practice test designed to familiarize you with the actual exam format. You can take this practice test multiple times.


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